Disadvantages and advantages of dogs at home..?😁

He was my pet dog I named him “jeenu”.

Soo thinking about to have a pet dog? There is a lot of advantages and disadvantages too but if you are a pet person…dogs are the best pets for you!!!!!

Okay moving on I’m mentioning some advantages first-

⚫ Look dogs are just loving animals they removes stress easily.

⚫ They are like having a loyal and honest partner with you with whom you can share everything and they literally listens to you.

⚫ Even they helps to protect your house if you’re living in a non social or dramatic area.

⚫ They gives you a good walk routine if you’re not having one.

⚫ You’ll never feel alone with them. Their love is unconditional.

⚫ And last but not the least, they eats everything!! Believe me…but that doesn’t mean you can give anything toxic…you really don’t have to spend a lot in their food, if you can’t afford.😁😁😁

Okay some of the disadvantages-

πŸ”΄ there is no as such disadvantage but look.. everything has its end and when it comes it really hurts a lot, it’s always unbearable.

πŸ”΄ They need a lot of time…from a lot I really means a lot… especially if you’re gonna have one dog but if you’re gonna buy pair then maybe not that much but they really need time. (Personal I don’t take it as a disadvantage)

πŸ”΄ And if you don’t teach them they do a lot of damage, like tearing off your socks, newspapers etc etc..

🌟🌟 At the end I again repeat if you’re a pet person dogs are best🌟🌟

….it could be a bit biased but look, I love dogs. They are just amazing.β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

4 thoughts on “Disadvantages and advantages of dogs at home..?😁

  1. Well, I really don’t have any experience about keeping pets but as far as I know, this might be interesting like you having someone, you can share anything with the Handsome & he (your ‘jeenu’) just keep cuddling you & just make you happy after any type of stress you felt..🀩🀩

    I think, having a pet is a Blessing & I wanna keep a pet with me too, not a dog, but anyone as Bunny/Pooky🀩

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